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Doubtful if Anything


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Quiet nights alone A vacant seat beside me So many long drives home So many long drives home Familiars all abandoned Picture frame’s still empty And no one’s laughing now This is right I don’t feel much like talking I don’t feel much at all Sometimes I dream we’re walking Hand in hand But we’re not And everyone asks their questions What happened to the one You used to bring around You two seemed to belong Now being is so awkward Everywhere; reminders They only make my head hurt I can never get rid of her But I will never tell Just keep repeating Over and over the words that I like to tell myself help This is right Say goodbye forever And I’ll see you; never Things will be much better This is right Say goodbye forever No one will see you ever This will make everything all better This is right
I can’t believe you Really thought you’d learned Really thought you knew how it made me feel to go and pull this over and over again I gave you my heart, remember? Doesn’t that mean something? My all, whatever Thrown away again Was it all for nothing? Like all the others you’ve sworn to have forgotten? Will you forget me too? Was I just another Accomplishment for your room? Of broken heart reminders? Tell me why you said all those things you said to me If you never meant to stay Why’d we waste so much time together If it was never meant to be? Please Don’t walk away from me You’re talking this all wrong At least hear me out, what I have to say Before you turn around And leave here all alone; all alone ‘cause you aren’t I’ll still hold your heart Sometimes to remain you just have to change or move on And how can you say it was all for nothing? Are memories that meaningless to you? What if I said I’d call you in the morning? And I do, I do... I won’t forget you How could I ever? You’ve made me most of who I am You’re my best friend and I’m forever in your debt I don’t want to stop seeing you I just need to stop being.. ..Certain things
Bitter 04:52
All this time I always thought you’d be there for me the way I thought friends were supposed to be I wasn’t counting on you flaking out now you’re turning your back on me just ‘cause things got hard Don’t you just hate it when you try but can’t do, despite your best efforts you still lose That’s just life – and there’s so many things no one can tell you But that’s alright – your mistakes are what helps shape and find out Who you are – and what you want from life Who you think you can trust and you know damn well to be untrue All this time I always figured that I’d always have all of you when I was down I never ever thought that’d you would be the one’s to bring me to feel this goddamn ashamed of myself I fucking hate it when I try and can’t do, Gave it my best shot, but you’re telling me I’m still screwed That’s just life - Now you see what they could have told you And it’s not right - Without those mistakes think where you’d be Instead you’re behind - Living their lies Wrong about whom you can trust everyone’s a fucking liar to you I know I know I know I feel for you I feel just like you I’m neck deep in this shit too And it’s not fair I know That’s just the way life goes But if you find others like you You’ll find it’s bearable Cause they’ve been lied to a thousand times over Just like me And you we’re going to make it through Until the day we die alone And we reserve the right to be bitter as hell Don’t you just hate it when you go all out fit in still they tell you you’re a loser and you’ll never be one of them Tried everything you could think of to fit in You’ll always be a loser, you’ll never be cool like them That’s just life - Stupid as it may be You’re stuck trying – to fit in with the idiots So you feel loved - and not alone doing your best to sort out, who’s left to trust now, and who you know damn well to be untrue
It’s always the Same old, Same old, Everyday , I walk, The same old busy streets On my own, No one, Ever stops to say, Hello or anything Someday I hope someone will touch my hand ask me to walk with them I’m tired of walking to every class everyday all alone All alone, All alone, Everyday, Do you, Walk up and down , These streets All alone, Only hoping, That someone will, Bump into you , And you’ll be forced To say something, To make them stay, And talk to you for a while Do you feel like me, Or am I freak, To just want to feel needed Do you hope someday someone will touch your hand And ask to walk with you You’re tired of walking to every class everyday all alone See I feel that way too but how can I ever meet you If were two of a kind to shy to say hello or anything at all I don’t want to be One of those guys Watching while life Flies by 'cause they’re just too shy To speak up and say Hello or anything at all Open new doors Anything not be to all alone I’m so sick, sick, sick of being all alone on my own no one else me, myself, and I For god sakes how many ways can I say it before someone takes a hint 'Cause every time I reach out I miss and people glare or pretend that I’m not really there So scared that someday I’ll disappear gone forever and no one will care well I don't want to be One of those guys Watching while life Flies by 'cause they’re just too shy To speak up and say Hello or anything at all Open new doors Anything not be to all alone Anything not to be..
H.S.C.B.S.F. 07:03
This night, Downtown, Walking these streets, with you on my arm And your eyes, So fixated, And yet still dreaming I can only think I want them on me, All night, And I want this to be The longest night in history Starry eyed Like a seventeen year old girl, With longing hopes, in wait by the phone I don’t know, Where this will take me off to, I hope it carries me far Is this love, Maybe, maybe not Maybe I don’t want to know, It’s easier not knowing This feels so great I just don’t want it going away I can’t think, Can’t sleep, I’m waiting for tomorrow today Anxious, I can’t wait This feeling is hard to explain, this must be a dream I’m not about to go out and ruin this now, By asking infatuation or love I’m afraid you’re just to good to be true to our words But I want to believe I’ve found that one special someone put here just for me Call me crazy but maybe we’re thinking the same things There’s so much more to you than you show me And I want to know everything And call me crazier still anything just please believe me I really think I’m falling hard for you Do you feel that high school crush butterfly stomach flu Catching on to you I feel it too
If I Wait 04:29
Nothing like me, I just wish did But she knows there’s more to life than love, still I stand In wait of the single slightest smile or wink to say; maybe I know I’ve got a one in a million chance Most would drop their hopes and die, but I wont give in As long as when I think about all the things I live everyday without And it still pains my heart Lie to me, say that you need me, please I can’t stop dreaming the dream Where you say you’re just shy Been waiting all this time For someone like me Damn that dream You’re all that I want But you you’re with someone else If I wait, I wait, if I wait will you be worth it I know, doubtlessly, and if I stay Will you even notice my face, if I wait, if I wait will you be worth it So she’s married Like that means anything Can’t she see the crazy things she does to me What’s a little adultery in the name of love I know, I’ve been turned down a million times Most would drop their hopes die, but I wont give in, As long as when I think about all things I live everyday without And it still pains my heart
No one ever said that I tried to make you out to be anyone but who you wanted to seem Or hurt you in any way In fact I never did a thing but adore you This doesn’t detract from the way I feel You’re the one threatening me This doesn’t change the way I feel I just feel the need to say a few more things I want to put this out in the clear I only want you here as long as you want to be You’re not tied down, so don’t complain Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be sad to let you go but I won’t keep you miserable and unhappy I wont beg you to stay ‘cause we’re always we’re always we’re always alone anyway eventually go if you want No one ever said that I tried to make you out to be anyone but who you wanted to seem to be and I bought your lies Still you’re the one leaving me
Of all things that you could do to me Of all the falseness you can beam, fuck you Every thought to nightmarish extremes Every word’s just skin slashed meant to send me to knees Don’t want to hear another lie Don’t, don’t, don’t think, don’t try, you’re dead to me If I could kill Just shut your mouth and let me think You all I’ve got and if I leave
Desperate 06:22
Cold It’s so cold When you feel this numb You want to be held be told It’s okay There’s no need for worries You find that there’s no one who cares Enough to take Time out of their day To bring a smile to someone They never thought wouldn’t be there Waiting I’m so tired Of waiting for them to have time for me Just a burden I know I’m nothing Try, always but end up ashamed, Forgotten again Oh no, you don’t know This feeling the world’s been over Long over for Quite sometime And everyone has gone home Left you behind with nowhere to call even familiar let alone home And I think, I’m going away If things don’t change, I fear for the worst And so should you, if I don’t get my way I want to feel love (I don't care how you feel) I want to feel someone (cares if I die right here) I want to feel wanted (by anyone at all) Just don’t want to feel alone (no, no not anymore) If I don’t get my way I’m taking you down, you better pray You fall for me, you better make Me feel the need, to keep you around If you want to keep breathing
Permanence 05:25
Oh Angel I’m so glad that you still believe in me Though you’re only fictional Without you I’m ever so ever frequently alone left to dwell with these four walls as long as I can remember I’ve been tied down Held back from keeping anyone around for very long Just when I think I’ve stumbled upon some stability I’m talking to myself So really no one understands And I guess I’m meant to find my own way through Losing all my friends And feeling Lonely always being left out I just want more permanence Something more reliable and permanent than this Angel I’m so thankful you’ve stayed as long As you have you’ve lasted so much longer than most because even the people in my mind leave me after a while still at a loss for reasons why once again I’m left to dwell once again with these four walls
Staring in the mirror today Looking at all the new paleness of my face What happened to the slight smile I used to fake depended on it being there So people think That I’m okay So much time has come to pass I guess it doesn’t matter now I’m all regrets Hanging by my very last chance thread Even after everything I’m pushing that.. How am I failing Everything I try to do Always the same I’m nothing like I used to be No one cares They never knew me anyway They aren't here Despite all of the words I've said I hate myself I sick of all this trying and Getting shut down What happened to few I thought I used to know Why did I have to fall apart And make them go.. For a few staying friends I said I'd write I never did I never do anything right Or anything I say I will So what, I lied I guess that I don't really care What happens now.. I don't know what I'm doing here Waiting around to be someone else's' failure Break another heart Send it that much farther.. Doubtful these days if anything Dreading who I'll let down tomorrow Doubtful if I am anything at all To anyone anymore
Thinking of you, you must be so sad With all that’s happened it’s no wonder you seem so detached I just want you to know you do have friends And this will pass and when it does we want you here I know you feel you wasted all of your time Trying to please them and I Know you really tried and tried but somehow just didn’t shine So what if they got by and you’re a little behind You know deep down you gave it your best And that’s all you should ask of yourself Don’t say you’ve wasted your whole life And you want to die Tell me did you even think of what that says about us Pick up you head and open your eyes Your on the hazy side of sane Come back down Don’t let this get you down Get back up take another shot It’s nothing that you can’t stand and it will end giving up is easy but don't even think about it giving up is easy I wont lie It’s so much harder and takes so much more to take the fall Don't let it bring down There’s something to be said for those can suck it up, bite their tongues and learn from their failures It’s not easy to fail and not completely fall to the ground Don’t give up Hold on As far you as you've gone As close as you are Don't stop now Don't even think about it Don't let us down Don't give yourself away Don't give up


This was my first home studio album and the first album to be released under the moniker of Pale Like You.

It's very raw, but succeeds in being conceptually a complete work meant to be listened to from start to finish. The tracks are in fact mixed into each other to illustrate that point, although some might find it a bit unsettling when shuffling the album in iTunes, etc.

There's no autotune or syncing of instruments to perfect alignment or time signatures. It's exactly as I performed it in 2003 in my dorm room, straight to my lap top under the blacklight; experimenting with piano, synthesizers, and vocal harmonies for the first time on such an ambitious scale.

This album began to really set the tone for what Pale Like You's signature sound would be. As opposed to just me and an acoustic playing sad songs, it introduced a slightly darker, more uncomfortable persona.


released May 10, 2003

All Songs Written, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered By Doug Young in San Francisco, CA in 2003.


all rights reserved



PALE LIKE YOU San Jose, California

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, and formed in 2001, the band is known for it's ever changing styles ranging from acoustic, ambient, electronic, post-punk, indie, and alternative rock.

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